China : the 1st holiday destination to buy art

China : the 1st holiday destination to buy art

Art collectors are fascinated with at Chinese arts. China is the most popular holiday destination to buy inexpensive but awe-inspiring arts. In fact, original artworks are more accessible if you buy them in China.

China is home to various works of art including drawings, paintings, ceramics, contemporary and traditional artworks, sculptures, or even pieces of furniture.

Popular artists

There are thousands of nationally renowned artists whose artworks turn the heads of collectors from around the world. Here is a list of ten artists: Alexander Koester, Amedeo Modigliani, Charles West Cope, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Donald Zolan, Hubert Robert, Shang Xia, Thomas Sully, Vincent Van Gogh, and William Aiken Walker.

What are the most popular art shops in China?

Places to buy arts in Beijing, in Shanghai

  •  Zendai Art Supermarket, Pudong, China. Being China's first art supermarket, it sells about 20,000 original artworks such as oil and acrylic paintings, calligraphy, sculpture, photography, and other items.
  •  Dafen Village, Shenzhen, China. Sells high quality artworks at the lowest price. The most popular ones are paintings (oil, ink, watercolor and charcoal), and pencil sketch artworks, on wooden or plastic frames.
  •  Rasti Chinese Art, Beijing, China. The place to buy Asian art, ceramics, and traditional and contemporary paintings. It is a popular art holiday shopping destination for high quality artworks at the lowest price.
  •  Yang Gallery, China. This contemporary fine art, like oil paintings and acrylic paintings on canvas, and contemporary ceramics.
  •  Spin, Shanghai, China. Famous for ceramics, it sells thousands of fine quality handmade works of art, including tea sets, plates, chopstick holders and other items.
  •  Shanghai Culture Commercial Centre, Shanghai, China. The Commercial Center sells art supplies for painters and artists. This is the place to buy rushes, paints, canvases, glitter, pie cleaners and other items. The opening hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. every day.

Tips and precautions to be taken when shopping for art in China

  •  Beware of fake Chinese arts.
  •  Be more knowledgeable in art to distinguish the fakes from the real ones. 
  • Look online for the best bargains before buying. 
  • Consider the value of the artwork before buying. Opt for something original, with a fine quality. 
  • While shopping for the art at the shop, feel free to discuss the price. Bargaining is quite common in China.

Organize your holiday trip to buy art in China

Traveling to China is quite worthwhile to shop for original, affordable arts. If you have a passion for art collecting, then, go to China, and buy the art of your choice at a good bargain. You can start by looking on the internet for what interests you and which ones suit your budget.

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