How to bring home works of art bought abroad

How to bring home works of art bought abroad

How to bring home works of art bought abroad

It often happens that during a journey, we fall in love with some works of art. It can be easy if it's a souvenir like homemade necklaces, clothes or hat or everything bought in tourist boutiques. However, bringing home works of art can be a big deal.

Tips to get works of art without too much stress

Traveling abroad is a thing, bringing something back home is another one. In the airport, some countries apply strict rules on such things because of cultural national interests. There are some tips that every art lover or collector should know.

  • Choose the art you want: There is a difference between fine art or piece of art and works of art. For the first, getting it home can be the only concern. However, if it needs some investment like famous works of art, it is necessary to talk with the artist.
  • Get some advice from experts: Actually, artists know their works. They are the first that travelers should consult. In addition, there are independent experts in art like a professional appraiser or some fellow collectors. They can confirm the authenticity of the works of art. Otherwise, in the airport, a bad surprise can happen.
  • Collaborate with reliable galleries: During their trip, travelers should have in mind that stolen or fake arts are prejudicial. In famous or recognized galleries, there are artists or independent experts in art who can give advice on the type of taxes that should be paid.
  • Get involved with trustworthy dealers: As reliable galleries, it's important to lean on sellers who can give not only advice but the best product. In art, works should be authentic and sold by dealers who can vet the works.
  • Have reasonable shipping rates: To get the works of art bought abroad, two ways are possible: by boat or by plane. It depends on your choice but it's helpful to ask the shipping companies. They can provide advice to get cheap shipping rates and the amount of the taxes and customs depending on the home country.
  • Hire an art lawyer: If the works of art cost a million of dollars, an international art lawyer should be hired because international transactions are complicated.

Just get informed

Falling in love with some work of art is an easy step but the above steps are more difficult but if you follow these given tips, things will be okay.

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Travelers should pay attention for bringing home works of art bought abroad. The main advice that could be given is to try to find the rules and follow them to avoid trouble.

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