London & New York : the high places of art market

London & New York : the high places of art market

London & New York : the high places of art market

London and New York are places of high interest for curious people and arts lovers. Visiting galleries and museums is a “must” while traveling there. For professional purpose or for holidays, acting like a tourist is always interesting. These places gather many pieces of art and art markets of all time.

Where are these places?

Here are some of the high places of art market in London and in New York.

  • Christie's: A company of international auction whose head office is in London, United Kingdom. Famous in the big auctions of the 18th and the 19th centuries when it sold by auction British legacy like some objects delegated by members of the aristocracy and even the British royal family. Christie's sells in auction personal art objects bound to historic figures like Pablo Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh or even Napoleon Bonaparte. It also has a branch in New York.
  • Sotheby's: It's a group of international companies in the auction of pieces of art whose head office is in New Bond Street in London. Considered as the oldest group of art auctions in the world, it has branches in New York and in Paris. Sotheby's organizes more than 350 auctions per year.
  • Hauser & Wirth: Famous gallery of exhibitions, film screening or just artists' exchange, Hauser & Wirth opened in 2003 in London. The gallery has displayed most of McCarthy's installation during his first exhibition. Having two spaces of the gallery, it has archived and gallery shop specialized in art from description and biography to artists' book realization.
  • The MOMA: Created by three ladies, MOMA is an icon of modern art in Manhattan, New York. The MOMA exposes works in 6 levels where the first 4 levels present the permanent collection and the 5th and the 6th stages, the temporary exhibitions. Dedicated exclusively to the modern art, it has the role to keep known arts but to open doors to young artists.
  • The Guggenheim Museum: Located in the 5th Avenue in New York, it is the best known museum created by Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation. Originally called “the Museum of non-object painting”, it was built to be a place of exhibition of the cutting-edge art of modernist artists. In 2005, it counted 6 000 pieces of art which only 3% have been exposed.
  • The New Museum of Contemporary Art: Located in Manhattan City, New York, it was founded by Marcia Tucker in 1977. The museum is specialized in new arts and new ideas. This Museum has the aim to challenge the institutionalization of a museum of art by allowing artists who are not famous or not recognized to expose their arts in this place

Try the modern art

London and New York are the cities par excellence in terms of museums and galleries. More than just discoveries, visiting these places will allow art lovers to discover more about the authors of the works. Actually, these cities redraw art history through the time. Some galleries are free to visit in these places. However, it's not a secret information; anyone can get informed about the schedule.

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Visiting the bottom of arts like in London and New York gives another point of view. It's both enjoyable and instructive. Take a look at Opodo's website, select your options and get involved in that enriching adventure.

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